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Some of our clients


The best-known real estate marketplace in Germany.

Real Cube

Realcube is the cloud platform for smart and flexible digitalization in Real Estate Management.

Uptodate Ventures GmbH

At Uptodate you will find a wide range of innovative products for your smart home.


Glimpse is decentralzied social media - empowering content creators, end-users, and brands to own the moment through NFT's.

Softup Values


We trust by default
We need trust in order to succeed
We know that no matter the situation, everyone has the best intentions and shows integrity


We always finish what we start and we ask for help when we can’t
We admit our mistakes because this is crucial to move forward and do better in the future
We empower each other with the responsibility of decision making
We are not afraid to own our work and take risks


We care for each other, not just as colleagues but also as people
We are there for each other whenever is needed
We always consider each other’s feelings.
We give feedback to each other because we care
We care about building a team where people of all backgrounds feel welcome and can do their best work


We look for opportunities to take initiative that can make an impact
We try new things
We want to learn and consistently become better
We seek and appreciate continuous feedback.

1. Application process

The application process starts when you submit your resume through any of the available mediums (email / LinkedIn / / other).

2. Interview 

• This session consists of 60 - 90 minutes with 1 member of our team. We value time, and that's why we have combined everything in one single round.

• If our goals and expectations are aligned we will schedule a call with the client (depending on the project). This session is 45 - 60 minutes.

3. Decision (next business day)

We will provide you with our feedback within the next business day. In case we both want to proceed with a collaboration together, our HR team will support you with all the steps from signing the contract, to having a successful onboarding with us.

For more information regarding the interview process in depth, career path, benefits, and other information, please check out Career @ Softup Technologies GmbH.

Our Team

Gerald Haxhi

Software Engineer

Erisa Zeneli

Product Owner

Ejona Kodra

Data Engineer

Bjorn Jaupllari

Software Engineer

Daniel Kazani


Stivi Ndoni

Software Engineer

Redon Toni

Integration Manager

Mandi Disha

Software Engineer 

Kostandin Dervishaj

Software Engineer

Dionis Uliu

Software Engineer Intern

Enri Rane

Software Engineer Intern

Rixhena Likaj

Quality Assurance

Kevin Haxhi

Software Engineer

Leonora Cikaj

Software Engineer

Deni Myftiu


Naun Telo

Software Engineer

Roland Lluka

Software Engineer

Stavri Thomollari

Software Engineer 

Inerta Mushi


Kristiana Myslimaj

Marketing Manager

Fabian Shallari

Software Engineer 

Flavio Kristo

Managing Partner

Rixhina Cela

Finance Manager

Kristi Kristo


Krisli Pulaj

 Software Engineer 

Klajdi Budlla

Software Engineer

Ergi Laze

Software Engineer

Marius Vasili

Software Engineer

At Softup, we’re looking for people with passion, grit, and integrity. You’re encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn’t precisely match the job description. Your skills and passion will stand out – and set you apart – especially if your career has taken some extraordinary twists and turns.